Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Wow it's been a while!

Ok here is a very needed blog update!

I have made a loads of money in the last few months. I will put the details in a list to make it easier to read.

( I'm now going to give amounts in $USD to make it easier)

  • I joined two bands and have made $240 playing three gigs.
  • I bought a book and sold it on ebay for $6 profit
  • I have started a new .com blog and have made $8.60 from Google Adsense
  • I currently have made $9.54 from Adbux.org. They pay you 1 cent for each advert you click. Minimum payout is $10 so not long to go!
  • I have taken on some freelance writing work which is going to pay $120
New Total: $254.40

Once the Adbux money pays out and the freelancing is complete it will be...


Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Another Quick Update!

Ok this week has been very hectic for me. Hence the total lack of posts.

To all my readers and visitors thank you for checking my blog!

OK as far as the project goes its going well. I'm not currently sure how much I have as its all in a big jar so I will count it soon I'd guess around the £5 mark.

I still have the three comics I listed one of them on ebay but it didn't sell.. ah well I will photograph the others and put all three in the same auction soon.

The making a few extra $$$'s online is going okay.

I have made about $12 online so far... all though its all tied up due to minimum payouts and things. So until its in my bank/hand/paypal I'm not counting it.

Check back soon for another update!

Tom Boyd

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Day 11 - Quick Update

In the last few days I have listed one of the comics on ebay.

I have also found £0.09 on the floor mostly around college people here just seem to throw a lot of small change away.

I need to photograph the other comics and list them on ebay.

Not much happening but I will get there!

Tom Boyd

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Day 8 - Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

Starting Money: £4.20

TomBoyd, TomBoyd Does what Ever a Spider Can!

Today I bought three comics from a second hand bookshop for 29p each (87p total). I'm pretty sure I can get at least £1.00 each for them on Ebay. So I will keep you posted on how much they go for. This is the first time I have spent any of my stake. I hope this turns out to be my first good investment!

Ending Money: £3.33 + 3 Comic Books

Tom Boyd

Friday, 20 April 2007

Imagen you run this blog!

Day 7 – One Step Closer! Sorry Make That Two!

Starting Money: £1.14

Step 1 (£1 in to £2) is Complete!

I have achieved my goal and reached £3.12! It’s taken me 7 days to do it. I feel really motivated now. I know I can keep going up the steps and finish my goal.

How I did It

Today I cut my dad’s hair for £1.00 I’m certainly no barber but I can use a pair of clippers. When it came to giving me the £1.00 he said here you go and gave me £2.00! The extra pound was nice. This could become a regular income for me as I can now cut his hair about every six weeks when he needs it cut.

Onwards and upwards

Earlier I went and helped pick up a washing machine. This involved loading it in a van and carrying it in. We were given it by my dad’s friend as he got a new one and his old one was better than our old one (It works properly!).

I managed to arrange to T-cut (polish) the guys van. So when he has time it will be dropped round here for me to do. The guy couldn’t believe I would do it for £3.00 I know this is cheap and I could of got more but I’m not greedy.

I’m focusing on now getting my £3.12 into £4.00 Polishing the car would do it in one step! I’m not waiting round though… I am going to invest my stake by buying something to put on Ebay.

Ending Money: £3.14

Tom Boyd

Update: My dad just gave me a handful of change out of his pocket. This was more bonus for the hair cut. I counted it up there was a total of £1.06

New Ending Money : £4.20

This Jumps me onto Step 3! £4-£8

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Day 6 – The Tortoise Wins the Race!

This should of been posted yesterday (19 april 2007)

Starting Money: £1.12

Ok nothing much happened. I found two 1p coins on the floor while walking round college!

Ending Money: £1.14

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